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Characters: PRINCE LEONIS The Prince. Steward of Baldur’s Way -A swift, technical fighter with precise attacks and reliable defence.

BERON The Guardian. Bodyguard -A powerfully built warrior, whose strength and toughness in battle is matched by few.

KALYN The Swordmage. Bladesinger. -Quick and nimble in combat, his true prowess is in imbuing his blade with arcane enchantments. He is scholarly and self-disciplined. Fascinated by the arcane and the sweet art of the blade.

CAELESTIN The Alchemist. Wizard. -A gifted mystic trained in the art of fortune telling, and arcane magic. An apprentice of elemental and rune magic.

THORN OF TASSELDALE The Rogue. Thief. -Quick and deadly with a blade, and skilled in stealth, and thievery. His good natured charm and humor makes him a good companion and a well networked contact.

Main Page

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